Community pantry includes a refrigerator to access fresh food in Parrish



PARRISH, Alabama (WIAT) – Coordinators of a new pantry program in Parrish, Ala., Say they want to do more than just provide free food. Their goal is to empower a community.

The new Parrish Town Hall Pantry is unique in that it offers both dry and fresh foods, which can only be found in a refrigerator.

“It’s the people’s fridge,” said coordinator and Parrish native Ryan Cagle.

Cagle helped launch the program, but tells CBS 42 that the pantry belongs to this community. He says there is no eligibility requirement and you don’t need to make an appointment or check in with anyone.

“You might not be someone who regularly lives in poverty, but things do happen,” Cagle explained. “So there is nothing in this refrigerator that is not for everyone in this town.”

Scheduled to be restocked soon, the pantry has almost been cleaned out, having opened less than a week ago. Cagle said he was encouraged by the number of people who have already donated to the cause. He adds that it is also a place of learning for the community and an invitation.

“As we see, not only are people fed, but people in communities have the power to love their neighbor, to work together, to be able to take whatever they need but also to give all they need. can, ”Cagle said.

Cagle says the percentage of food insecure people in Parrish is almost double the national average. Plus, he says, it can be difficult to find fresh, affordable food in some areas. That’s why he hopes to see the program expand to other areas of the city and throughout Walker County.


Norma P. Rex

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