COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION OF SUSSEX – a food and drink crowdfunding project in Newhaven by End Hunger in the Lewes district this Christmas


Donate to support Fitzjohns Foodbank, Havens Food Coop, Landport Foodbank, Malling Foodbank, Newhaven Baptist Church Foodbank, Newhaven and Peacehaven Community Supermarkets, Ringmer Foodbank and Seahaven Storehouse.

We are all members of the Lewes District Food Partnership – providing emergency and affordable food in the Lewes District of East Sussex through our network of food banks and community food centres.

Lewes District Food Partnership brings people, communities and organizations together to create better food systems for all. Sustainable food businesses, local growers and producers, emergency food providers, food waste activists and social dining spaces – we connect the dots.

Newhaven and Peacehaven Community Supermarkets

1666357387_seahaven_community_food_2.jpgThe Sussex Community Development Association is home to the Lewes District Food Partnership and has been fighting food poverty since 2013, initially distributing food to 225 adults and children a year. Food poverty has increased significantly since then, particularly due to the pandemic and the cost of living crisis. We currently help 1,430 adults and children a year access food, an increase of 536% since the start of our food service. Recognizing that local households will continue to struggle for food for the foreseeable future, we have developed Seahaven Community Food – harnessing the dedication and creativity of the local community to work towards achieving local food security. Seahaven Community Food operates two ‘pay-as-you-feel’ community supermarkets, delivers emergency food parcels, turns surplus food into nutritious meals, hosts coffee sessions to build social connections and directs people to support which can help address the underlying causes of food insecurity. Seahaven Community Food supports an average of 146 households per week (231 adults and 110 children). The social aspect of our support is important and members spend time in our volunteer-run cafes, helping to reduce social isolation and loneliness.

One member, a full-time carer for her husband with Alzheimer’s disease, said: “It’s been the highlight of my week coming here. It’s the only place I feel safe to take her and do my shopping. He can sit and have a cup of tea with a few of the others, while I choose food for us and can also talk to other people. It’s a real lifesaver. »

Local volunteers are the driving force behind Seahaven Community Food – many have struggled with food poverty themselves. A team of 45 local residents, including members of the community supermarket, currently volunteer weekly.

“I’m so grateful to be part of such a wonderful team, volunteering has really boosted my confidence and giving back to the community is great for managing mental health.” – comments from volunteers

Havens Food Cooperative

1666357202_veg_the_havens_food_coop_2.pngHavens Food Cooperative is a Havens Community Hub project established in April 2020 aimed at preventing food waste, giving people who are food insecure better access and choices, and helping the environment.

Landport Food Bank

Landport Foodbank in Lewes is a project of the Landport Residents Association and volunteers run a weekly food bank. Demand has increased dramatically in recent weeks, especially from single working mothers.

Malling Food Bank

Malling Foodbank in Lewes is currently supporting 56 households (116 people) with food each week and has seen a 30% increase in referrals from singles and 14% from families in recent weeks.

Fitzjohn Food Bank

The Fitzjohn Food Bank operates out of Christ Church in Lewes and currently has 56 households on its register, of which around 45 are served each week.

Newhaven Baptist Church Food Bank

The Newhaven Baptist Church Food Bank runs two weekly food bank sessions for local residents.

Ringmer Food Bank

The Ringmer Baptist Church Foodbank runs weekly food bank sessions and is currently supporting eight local households in need of emergency food.

Seahaven Warehouse

Seahaven Storehouse is part of the Seahaven Community Church and provides basic food items to needy individuals and families in the Seahaven area (Peacehaven, Newhaven and Seaford), including 10 refugee families from Ukraine.

Norma P. Rex