Community Church recognizes its members | Way of life

The Tehachapi Community Congregational Church held its annual meeting under the leadership of moderator Nancy Franklin. In addition to hearing committee reports and passing a budget, five members were recognized for their dedicated service to the church.

Jim Carmichael received a plaque for his many hours of work around the church grounds and for his service as an administrator. Joanne Beckett was praised for her help with budgeting; Jan Roberts for missions promotion; Julie Bullock for music and worship planning; Linda Flores for online information. The congregation enthusiastically applauded the winners.

Tehachapi Community Congregational Church (UCC), at the corner of Green and E streets, is the oldest Protestant church in Tehachapi. The Methodist Church, at the corner of Green and D streets, dissolved and agreed to make way for the Tehachapi Community Church. In 1920 this building was sold and demolished and the current church was built. It was established as a Congregational Church, but in 1957 there was a union with other denominations to form the United Church of Christ. Pastor Donella Silveira is the interim minister as the church seeks a permanent pastor. Services take place on Sundays at 10.30 a.m. with mandatory masks.

Phyllis Belcher is a longtime resident of Tehachapi who is involved in several community organizations.

Norma P. Rex