Coffee County Community Church’s mobile pantry is now operational

Leda Green, the organizer, says, “It’s our first day today, so we’re looking forward to helping out community members.”

Low-income Coffee County residents now have access to free food each month; thank you Coffee County Community Church Mobile Pantry.

With the help of about 50 volunteers, the drive-thru food bank was able to feed 450 people on Tuesday, but it hopes to expand.

Green says, “We hope to increase the number of people we can serve; right now we can only serve 450 people.”

It meant so much to those he served local William Whitfield said, “We are grateful to have food, we appreciate it and we will have more to come.”

There will be eleven more to be exact, the mobile food bank will run once a month until next October and is a community initiative of a group of local churches and volunteers.

Bob Kelley, a volunteer, says “We had people talking to us about it at our church and they seemed very interested and seemed like the right thing to do.”

Volunteers enjoy serving their community.

A volunteer says “it’s fun, I like it, I really like what I’m doing here”.

The food bank donated everything from apples to milk, and with all the items coming from the Wiregrass food bank, donations are needed to be able to reach more of the community.

Green says, “I challenge all the churches in the area; let’s help these families out let’s not look at overseas missions but at what’s in our backyard”.

Norma P. Rex