City of Utica partners with Cornerstone Community Church to help those in need

UTICA, NY – The City of Utica is partnering with Cornerstone Community Church to employ chronically homeless people as part of the church’s social enterprise program.

The city is allocating $ 120,000 of its coronavirus relief funding to help the program through a block community development grant.

“We have a moral obligation to help those in need, and this program is an investment that gives homeless people the opportunity to work, to develop their self-esteem, to recognize their worth and to contribute to our community. », Declared the mayor of Utica, Robert Palmieri. “I commend Pastor Ballman for his compassion, leadership and dedication to improving the lives of others. “

Participants will help the city team clean up and improve public spaces as part of the program. This will include picking up litter from city parks, planting and watering flowers around the city, and painting streetlights and fire hydrants.

Those participating in the program will work Monday through Friday and will be paid from the grant.

The program is led by Reverend Mike Ballman of Cornerstone Community Church, who works in close coordination with Department of Public Works Commissioner Dave Short.

Norma P. Rex

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