City of Troup supports community development projects | News

The Troup City Council unanimously chose to support two Troup Community Development Corporation projects at the February meeting.

The first item approved was the CTPD’s plan to provide funds, not to exceed $5,000, as annual support to the Cameron-J. Jarvis Troup Public Library. Council also authorized an expenditure of funds, not to exceed $5,000, for an annual fireworks display.

The council has authorized the 2020 downtown revitalization program engineer to publicly advertise the project for a sealed tender. This project will continue to improve the downtown sidewalks.

A waiver for the front setback of the property located at 408 S. Short was approved with modification. The zoning requirement is at least a 20 foot front yard and a 15 foot back yard in the area where the property is located. The application was for a front yard that would be just under four feet from the front property line. The lot plan showed an 18 foot back yard.

The property line is set well back from the street sidewalk resulting in over eight feet of visible grass in the front yard. Council approved a setback of just under eight feet for the front yard, which would require the owners to move the proposed residence three feet to the rear property line.

Council also approved previous meeting minutes, monthly financial reports and relinquishment of the city’s right-of-way on 0.591 acres of land, recorded as all of a causeway listed in the first phase. dedication of the Oakcrest subdivision. The land was part of a larger 24.1957 acre parcel of land deeded to Timothy Carroll Young.

No action was taken on four separate agenda items, including orders to demolish substandard structures, feral cats and a 30-foot access easement located in the W. George Survey, Abstract NO. 1099. The easement would have provided access to the town’s sewage lift station following the abandonment of the causeway.

Finally, no action has been taken on a municipal ordinance amending the city’s code relating to the sale of alcoholic beverages. The proposed amendments would have permitted the sale of alcohol for on-site consumption by establishments providing food services in the historic district, regardless of distance requirements from churches and schools.

The Troup Town Council meets regularly at 6:30 p.m. on the third Monday of each month at the Cameron-J. Jarvis Troup Public Library, 102 S. Georgia Street.

Norma P. Rex