Christ Community Church will hold a ribbon cutting for the youth center

photo of the Community Church of Christ

Christ Community Church has finally completed the youth facility, Harpeth House. A groundbreaking ceremony took place in October 2019, and to celebrate the completion, a groundbreaking ceremony will be held on April 11 at noon with all members of the community invited to attend. After the inauguration, guests will be able to tour the facilities.

Harpeth House
photo of the Community Church of Christ

The Harpeth house is located on the north side of their property at 1215 Hillsboro Road. It is a free-standing, single-level, 12,000 square foot building designed as a space dedicated to student ministries, serving middle and high school students in our community in grades 6-12. The design prioritizes small group meeting spaces, with eight such dedicated rooms and a large 3,000 square foot group gathering space. The home further includes a large secondary indoor meeting space which is a combination den, game room and kitchen, as well as outdoor gathering spaces including a covered porch adjacent to a fire pit and outdoor recreation areas.

“The core of this project is simple: We want Christ Community Harpeth House to be a place of respite for Williamson County students to know and serve Christ,” says Christ Community associate pastor Ken Leggett. “It’s right there in the name: the Harpeth River flows through our entire county, bringing life wherever it goes, and we hope this Harpeth House, the largest house in the area, is an extension of that refreshment. and this hospitality.”

The $5.5 million facility is made possible through congregational financial commitments through the church’s RISE & BUILD campaign. Planning and preparations for the youth center began in 2015, with the launch of the public phase of the fundraising campaign in January 2019.

At its current location on Hillsboro Road since 2001, Christ Community Church has served Franklin, continued to grow, and been an integral part of the community for over 30 years. Learn more about Community Church of Christ here.

Norma P. Rex