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Christ Community Church in Helena will open a preschool this fall

Posted 2:25 p.m. Monday, April 11, 2022

By EMILY REED | Special for the journalist

HELEN – From the beginning of Christ Community Church, which began in 2010, church leaders have wanted to encourage and strengthen Helena’s families.

One of the ways the church hopes to continue this vision is by opening The Bridge Preschool at Christ Community this fall.

“Being a parent is rewarding, but it’s not easy,” said Christ Community Church pastor Phil Chambers. “What if a parent could find community with other parents going through the same joys and challenges? What if a little boy or girl could find new friends and new experiences? Our vision for Bridge Preschool is that it would be a community of relationships for parents and for children. We want our children to be excited about leaving and parents to be relaxed knowing that their children will be known and loved.

The nursery school will be open to children aged 2 to 4 with classes available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week, starting August 30.

There will be one class for 2 year olds, one class for 3 year olds and two classes for 4 year olds. All classes will be limited to 10 students per class.

An open house is scheduled for April 23 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. where those interested in learning more about the preschool can meet new preschool principal Emily Jackson, some of the teachers, and tour the facilities. .

Chambers said the name of the nursery school was chosen for many reasons, one reason being that it helps identify the location of the church.

“The practical and obvious reason for the name is that we want people to know our location, which is next to the improved Cahaba River Bridge,” Chambers said. “Secondary reasons include imagery of how The Bridge Preschool will serve as a bridge for children to grow into their God-ordained awesomeness. We see ourselves as a bridge between the preschool years and preparing their children for the elementary school years.

Chambers acknowledges that there are already wonderful preschool and Mother’s Day programs in Helena, but said there is also a need for more options for families within the community.

“We keep hearing from families saying there aren’t enough spaces and they need to register outside of Helena,” Chambers said. “Our goal is to serve them by connecting with other preschools in the city and achieving our goal of educating and developing our children.”

Jackson has spent more than 20 years as an educator, and current preschool teachers have preschool education credentials with teaching experience at other area preschools.

“Our church is growing and we are in the midst of major upgrades to our facilities,” Chambers said. “In coordination with the new Cahaba River Bridge on Highway 52, we will be paving our parking lot. We waited for the completion of the bridge to start this project. Because we have many children at Christ Community Church and many children expected at The Bridge Preschool, we are investing over $40,000 in new equipment and play areas. All of these improvements will be completed this summer and ready for the launch of The Bridge in the fall.

Chambers said the primary mission statement for the new kindergarten is for children to “experience the joy of God through having fun, learning and making friends,” the mission statement for moms and dads being “to experience the rest of God knowing that your child is known, loved, safe and growing.

“Our staff is committed to pursuing your child’s heart, mind and hands, but we are also committed to praying for parents and families. We don’t just want to start another school, but to see a community begin where moms meet other moms, dads find new friendships with other dads, and our kids have fond memories of their time at The Bridge.

For more information about preschool or the next open house, visit, visit The Bridge Preschool on Facebook, or email [email protected]

Norma P. Rex