Cari Simon Honored With 4th Annual SAIL Community Service Award | News, Sports, Jobs


Shepherdstown Shares pantry coordinator Cari Simon fills a food basket in November 2020. Tabitha Johnston

SHEPHERDSTOWN – On Friday afternoon, Shepherdstown Shares Pantry Coordinator Cari Simon was recognized for her work in setting up and managing the pantry over the past year, with the presentation of the 4th Annual Community Service Award by Shepherdstown Area Independent Living.

The award ceremony took place on Zoom, during the SAIL annual meeting.

According to Simon, this kind of recognition was unexpected and unprecedented.

“I have never received an award like this before! “ Simon said. “I couldn’t have done it all without the support of the wonderful Shepherdstown Shares Board of Directors and our many volunteers.

Jan Hafer, Board Member of Shepherdstown Shares, congratulated SAIL on its choice, describing the consistent and dedicated work ethic that Simon has modeled and nurtured in his fellow volunteers.

“What an excellent choice, for a member of the community who gives everything to the community” said Hafer. “Curry works so hard. It allows us to remain vigilant by doing the job every day and doing it well. Curry, thank you for your hard work for the community. I know our community benefits from your dedication! “

According to a press release from SAIL, Simon has been an active member of Shepherdstown Shares, a local non-profit organization, which was formed in the fall of 2020 to help and assist people whose incomes have been affected by the pandemic. of COVID-19. As the pandemic worsened last summer, the group decided that some form of food aid was needed for those who had lost their jobs or had their hours cut. Simon was quick to organize the effort, and in early September she furnished the current pantry of the Trinity Episcopal Chapel, staffed with volunteers and stocked with a constant supply of food donations. . At the height of the pandemic, the pantry was providing weekly food boxes to 60 to 70 families, including hundreds of people. And for the foreseeable future, the Shepherdstown Shares Food Pantry will continue to provide food to those in need.

“Over the years, Cari’s volunteer work has made a difference”, said the presenter of the award and distinguished member of the board of directors of SAIL, Jack Young. “She does all this work and interfaces with all kinds of people! Whatever the obstacles, she leaves with a proven solution and a big smile, for everyone involved.

“It is a real pleasure to make this presentation! said Young. “This is a special award to recognize the contributions of one person in the community, who takes action to help people in the community, including members of SAIL. “

According to Young, before the pandemic, Simon could already give of himself in a number of other ways: teaching for 36 years in the public school system, helping with volunteer programs for high school swimming competitions and contributing to the needs of Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church.

“Cari considers the management of this pantry as his second vocation, after having taught” said Young. “You really have to know a lot about this exceptional leader! It is her talent and her contributions with Shepherdstown Shares that make her such an exceptional person that we would like to recognize.


Norma P. Rex