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A Colorado Springs church foundation challenges other church partners in the area to extend their support to a local nonprofit organization that helps those in need.

In the more than 12 months since the pandemic changed the way we live, Westside Cares has seen an astronomical increase in the need for support services. This includes a 250% increase in demand for its pantry programs and a 500% increase in the demand for rental assistance.

Broadmoor Community Church-UCC encourages other faith-based organizations in the area to help meet the increased needs by increasing their contributions to Westside CARES.

It may seem counterintuitive to ask for more help when resources are dwindling. But the Broadmoor Community Church Foundation provided an incentive.

For partners wishing to increase their donation, the foundation is ready to match the first $ 10,000 in high funding.

Senior Pastor Anne Cubbage said the challenge aligns with the congregation’s commitment to developing love, mercy and community service. “In times of stress, we all have the choice to remain in scarcity and fear, or to engage in bold and decisive action that strengthens collective philanthropy and widens our circles of love. At BCC, we are committed to the latter, ”Cubbage said in a press release.

Westside Cares is a nonprofit interfaith collective of 22 faith communities on the west side of El Paso County. It helps the needy through a number of support services including its food delivery pantries, housing navigation, utility assistance, auto insurance, and registration services.

With the help of its 22 faith communities, private foundations and individual donations, Westside Cares has kept pace by serving 10,000 people on the west side of El Paso County. “Westside Cares expects these numbers to remain stable through 2021 and potentially beyond,” said Managing Director Kristy Milligan.

She added: “In general, people living in poverty share the same concerns as people who are not: how long is it going to last? When will we get back to something more like pre-COVID-19 life? How can I stay connected? How am I going to stay afloat economically? “

Milligan said that high funding will benefit the community in three crucial ways:

• First, it would allow Westside Cares to amplify its most used programs when they are needed most.

• Second, the challenge will increase awareness of the financial impact of a global pandemic on the most vulnerable members of the community and engender increased support for community members.

• Third, this challenge has the effect of creating a caring community. A first donation of $ 5 can turn into $ 10, and people who invest stand alongside hundreds of others who care about their community.

Anyone interested in doubling their impact can donate online or by check and explain that they want their contribution to match that of the Broadmoor Community Church Foundation. “We will be tracking these new and increased donations internally and bill BCC when the match is reached,” said Milligan.

The challenge will run until December 31, when the BCC Foundation will match all new and increased donations of up to $ 10,000 made to Westside Cares. The challenge is designed to increase support just when it might decline and provide sustainable funding for Westside Cares rescue services, Cubbage said.

The pastor added that the church is fortunate to have forward-thinking members who have sought to share its mission with its neighbors and live out their middle name, “Community”.

“The Foundation Board thought the time was right to offer a matching grant challenge to our faith partners to increase their donations, as well as Colorado Springs member companies, to provide relief to some of our most injured neighbors. in these difficult times, ”Cubbage said. .

The Broadmoor Community Church Foundation currently supports Westside Cares through financial contributions, in-kind donations, hot meals and participation in vacation programs.

“The coronavirus has highlighted this congregation’s commitment to providing hope, health and a home to those who need it most,” said Milligan.

The impacts of COVID are as diverse as the people who experience them, Milligan said, noting that everyone linked to Westside Cares has been affected in one way or another. “Almost 75% of people who show up in our pantries indicate that COVID-19 is a factor in their need for food assistance,” she said.

“Although current projections indicate that the economic recovery is almost complete for those at the highest income levels, we know that the residual effects for those who are underemployed or in lower paying jobs will continue for many months. , even years. “

Westside Cares is concerned that as life returns to normal for those at the top of the economic ladder, their philanthropic priorities will shift away from basic needs.

“That’s why this challenge is so important. This ensures an ongoing and increased commitment to the well-being of our neighbors in need and to the benefit of our entire community, ”said Milligan. “This is the most inspiring type of gift as it calls on the entire community to dig deep and be part of keeping our most vulnerable neighbors housed and healthy and hopeful, during the pandemic and beyond. . “


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