Alton Group plans community development meetings

ALTON — Community development group Alton City Shapers is planning six listening sessions in March for residents to discuss whatever is on their minds.

• What do you like about Alton?

• What challenges do we face?

• What does an ideal Alton look like?

• What does it take to get there?

Five of the listening sessions will begin at 7 p.m.:

• March 14 at the Tabernacle Mission Baptist Church, 2621 Amelia

• March 15 at Lamay’s Catering, 909 E. Broadway

• March 24 at Main Street United Methodist Church, 1400 Main St.

• March 28 at the Temple of Deliverance, 1125 E. 6th St.

• March 30 at The Max Sports, 2300 N. Henry St.

A sixth session is scheduled for March 28 at 11 a.m. at The Salvation Army, 525 Alby St.

Some sessions will be organized in public assembly, while others will allow people to sit around tables. Listening sessions are designed to give people the opportunity to create new relationships.

The 24-month cohort consists of multiple teams from a diverse sample of people and organizations in Alton. Teams represent business, municipal government, education, neighborhoods, nonprofits, healthcare, mental health, and housing initiatives.

Norma P. Rex