Agape Community Church Raises Funds to Repair St. Mary’s Old Bell Tower

The old steeple of St. Mary’s Church is in disrepair and its new owners, Agape Community Church, are raising funds to restore it.

The church was originally scheduled to be sold to a developer of an aged care facility in July 2020. After public outcry, the Village of Pewaukee ended up buying the 14 acres for $1.5 million. The property was sold to Agape Community Church in April 2021.

After years of neglect of the church building, restorations by his new congregation have been underway since June 15, 2021. Agape initially thought it could be years before the facility was safe for in-person services, but the church held her first wedding on May 1. and his first church service there a week later.

The work is not finished, however. The bell tower and the basement are the next projects on the list. Pastor Agape Florin Docea estimated the cost of repairing the steeple at around $30,000. The basement, which requires major HVAC and plumbing work, is estimated at around $60,000.

“We risk seeing the bell tower collapse or be in such a state of disrepair that it will be too expensive to manipulate or repair it,” Docea said. “There is currently a 2ft hole that has developed there.”

The restorations were made possible through the work of church and community members as well as donations from local businesses. The church is again asking community members to come forward to donate and help raise funds.

“People might say, ‘Pastor, that’s a big mountain in front of us,'” Docea said. “We had a bigger mountain a year ago, and look where we are now. We need a little more help right now, especially from those who can help, let him whether it is an individual or a business.”

The church has set up an online fundraising link for the next phase of renovations, which can be found at All donations are tax deductible, Docea said.

Drew Dawson can be reached at [email protected] or 262-289-1324.

Norma P. Rex