Adams Community Development Planning Joins University of Minnesota Community Vitality Outreach Center – Austin Daily Herald

The town of Adams and area residents engaged the University of Minnesota Community Vitality Center to help design a community economic development plan.

The Center for Community Vitality at the University of Minnesota helps Minnesotans build social, civic, economic, and technological capacity in their communities. They help build vibrant communities and improve skills and knowledge in economics, leadership, civic engagement, and tourism in rural Minnesota.

To begin the process, a forum will be held at 1 p.m. on Saturday, February 26 in the Southland School building to gather feedback from area residents. Anyone living, working, going to school or shopping in the Adams area is welcome and encouraged to come.

This community forum looks like this:

Who are we?

Moderated by Jennifer Hawkins, extension educator for the University of Minnesota Extension’s Community Economics Services, the forum will begin with an overview of rural community statistics conducted by the University of Minnesota Extension. They have a crucial understanding of what makes communities welcoming, economically vibrant and well-governed through more than 100 economic analyzes of local Minnesota communities and 25 community-run learning groups.

The next part of the forum is asset mapping for the Adams region. Asset mapping provides information about a community’s strengths and resources and can help uncover solutions. Once the strengths and resources of the community are listed and represented on a map, Adams can easily think about building on his strengths and meeting the needs of the community. Assets may include:

1. The capacities and skills of community members.

2. A physical structure or place, such as a school, hospital, church, library, recreation center, social club, etc.

3. A business that provides jobs and supports the local economy.

4. Citizen associations, such as a neighborhood watch or parent-teacher association.

5. Local private, public and non-profit institutions or organizations.

Where could we go?

The next part of the forum looks at Adams’ future. Imagine Adams as a thriving community where people work, eat, drink, shop and play. What does it look like? Forum participants will brainstorm and share ideas in small discussion groups.

Where are we going Want to go?

In this section of the forum, residents of the Adams area will discuss all ideas and prioritize them, creating a roadmap for their future.

What are the next steps ?

The final part of the forum includes information on the next steps in the community development plan process for the Adams area.

All area residents are encouraged to participate and contribute to the growth and vitality of the Adams area. For more information, contact Angela Himebaugh, 507-438-1566, [email protected]; Lynnette Offen Gerber, 612-619-0660, [email protected]; or Jake Goodale, 1-507-582-3601, [email protected]

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Norma P. Rex