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ROCKFORD (WREX) – Ila Belle Kenner and Shirley Hevrin are one hell of a team.

The two 90-year-old men have attended service almost every Sunday at Chapelwood Community Church for over 30 years.

However, you won’t see them sitting on the benches, instead you will hear them behind the piano.

Seniors have been playing for so long that it’s hard to think back to a time without a piano.

“I’ve always been drawn to the piano. If I went to someone else’s house who had a piano, this is where I would go,” Kenner said.

Hevrin says it took her a bit longer to take the piano seriously, but now she sees it as a great hobby as well as a chance to connect with her faith.

“We want to be faithful to the Lord, so this is our service to the Lord even though we do it for the church,” Hevrin said.

The efforts of these women are invaluable to the Chapelwood congregation.

Ila Belle and Shirley are considered the backbone of the church’s musical program.

They play the piano on the morning service, on the evening service, ”said a former and choirmaster at Chapelwood Church.

“We love their contribution and what they have done for this church.

Pianists share the same affection for their fellow churchmen.

They see each service as a family reunion.

“These people are great. We don’t have arguments or arguments. We like each other very much,” Hevrin said.

“When you’re our age, it’s nice to have a church family. It’s like family to us,” Kenner said.

With the age of Kenner and Hevrin comes great wisdom.

The Chapelwood community appreciates the message these ladies have spread beyond the notes on the music page.

“They tell you what is important and I think they do it with their life and their talents for our congregation and I know they also passed it on to their families,” said Shirk.

You can find Kenner and Hervin at Chapelwood Community Church every Sunday at 10:45 am and 6:00 pm at 3625 Halsted Road.

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